Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NOOO.. please not another chick flick!

Chick flicks.. why do they torture guys with these things over and over again?  Well, maybe I can offer some insight.
     Just as every guy watches an action movie, and in the back of the their minds they secretly see themselves as the hero and know the role was written for them,...---Just like that, almost every woman watches a love story and secretly wishes that they were the girl that the handsome, sexy, perfect man with ripped abs, was completely head over heels for.  We watch the same movies over and over and feel the same gooey feelings every time.   It's not that we really want that guy (well maybe a little), but what we want is our man to feel that way about us.  We want our man standing naked in the living room covered by nothing but a box of cookies offering us one.. ( for those of you that don't know, that would be Jack the bartender (Cam Gigandet) in Burlesque).   We want to be Baby crawling across the floor to our dirty dancing man, Patrick Swayze.  We want our man to be the guy that would make us fall in love with him, all over again, every single day, even though we don't remember them at the end of the day.  We want them to chase us down the street calling our name, to jump over any obstacle in that last chance effort to win the girl of their dreams which just happens to be us.  We want our man to be the guy to comfort us, to save us, to complete us, to hold us, to kiss us, to do any one of thousands of romantic gestures just because they want us to be happy, to look past our many flaws and desire us above all others (even above the perfect supermodel who is after them).  We want them to be the werewolf who fights for us non-stop, even though a vampire, who is also them, holds our heart.

Unfortunately, most of us do not live in a movie script with a person who was written specifically for us.
We love our men, and we desire them...we want that kind of passion to exist in our real world....
So..  Men... Listen Closely!!....
When we watch those stupid love movies, over and over, and it's driving you crazy, remember that in the back of our minds,what we are really seeing and wanting is YOU. In the real world, what we really long for is, for you to grab us, hold our face in your hands, put your fingers through our hair, and kiss us deeply and passionately.  Kiss us so intensely that for one brief moment, nothing else exists.
 So, every now and then guys, put on your superhero costume and play the role of the brave knight that we know you really are.
It will only take you a minute.  Your rewards will be great, and it won't even cost you the price of a movie ticket.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Silent Pain of the Proud Ones.. ..I HEAR YOU!!!

     Over the past few years, we have watched as our economy tanked, our homeowners were thrown into the streets, the unemployment rates rose to astounding numbers, and everyone was fearful about our future.

     In Las Vegas, even though most people on the outside would think that the main economy here is gambling, casinos, and the strip.  Our real bread and butter is construction.  From roads, to new casinos, to remodeling casinos, to housing, to shopping malls... our main industry has been building things.  When the money stopped flowing into Vegas, and the investors spending money, we saw our unemployment rates skyrocket.  We became one of top three depressed cities in the country.  Our foreclosure rates grew daily, and more people started leaving here than were moving here for the first time in over 50 years.

      All of these things were well documented in the media.  What wasn't talked about on the news was the mental toll this economy would take on its workers.  Over the past 2 years, I have watched as these construction workers, the men and women who make up our skilled trades, such as electricians, carpenters, steel workers, equipment operators, etc... go from being proud, working hard for a good wage, to living on unemployment, and feeling more hopeless as the days, weeks and months have ticked by.  Waiting for the construction industry to turn around, and for the investors to come back and jump start our little city, the picture looks more bleak every day.
      These once proud men and women can no longer work in the field that they were trained for and have worked in most of their lives.  Many have lost their homes, their savings, their marriages, and have cashed in their retirement to have money to live on.  The depths of depression that comes from someone who feels lost and hopeless can be all consuming.  The men especially, who have always been providers, have been reduced to feeling like less than men.  Depression and lowliness do terrible things to a defeated mind.

     What makes me so sad, is watching these big, strong men, feel like they have no options.  Feeling like without this one job description defining them, that they have no definition of who they really are.  I have had them tell me how lost they feel, that they aren't really men anymore, that they feel useless.  A lot of these guys are my friends.  I care for them.  Why are they so stuck in the idea that they cannot redefine who they are?  Why not reinvent themselves into something else?  A new job, a new career, a new road and direction.. they are all out there.  What makes such strong willed people give in to the the idea that without this one thing, that they are nothing?

     There is nothing worse than wasted talent.  The potential is there.  The options are there.  I love you guys and believe in you.  I truly hope that you all can see what I see in you.  Proud, strong, intelligent, hard working, dedicated, caring, funny, necessary men who have a whole world of options, choices and possibilities available to them.  Just take it!
     You can always go back to where you were, but at least make the trip out there, so you know it's really where you want to be.  <3

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Protein Shakes.. Is Your Nutrition Built on a Substandard Foundation?

     Without fail, several times a week, I am asked to evaluate and give my opinion on a protein shakeThere are so many of them out there, that it can feel like a daunting task for someone to try and find healthiest ones.
     In my opinion, which is now based on  over 10 years of nutrition knowledge, there are several important factors to look at:
     First, most important, is the question of whey vs soy.  Even though many nutritional companies, doctors and media outlets jumped on the soy bandwagon several years ago, we now know that soy is a substandard protein.  Soy can affect your hormones in a negative way, does not build lean muscle or prevent muscle wasting as effective as whey protein, and unfortunately, the majority of our soy crop is now genetically modified or GMO, which we know is dangerous to our long term health, (say thank you to Monsanto for that, but that is a topic for another day).  Undenatured whey protein is among one of the most alkaline foods, builds lean muscle very effectively and also helps in preventing muscle wasting.  There is no doubt now, most scientists, nutritionists, sports coaches, and doctors in the know agree that WHEY protein is the WAY to go..
     Second, let's look at sourcing.  Most companies I research, I am totally unable to find out where the whey is sourced from.  The optimal situation would be a clean source, where the cows are pasture fed, never given hormones and antibiotics, are only milked on natures schedule, and never graze on lands or hay that have been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides.  There is no source in the US, that I know of, that can supply a source this clean.  So the supplier would have to come from another country that is a green environment.  It is also important that the whey is never heated to point of killing all of the good nutrients and probiotics, the term for that being "undenatured."   The amino acid compounds must also contain long, medium and short chain amino acids.  If your protein source does not fall into all of these categories, then the company has taken a substandard foundation of dead, dirty protein in which to build their main nutrition....
Imagine building a house on an unstable foundation.  It would not matter how pretty the house you build on that foundation, or how immaculately you decorate it, the base will always be poor and substandard, and in time will cause more problems than it solves.
This is the same with your protein shake, if the base they start with is crappy protein, then no matter how great the rest of the ingredients are, it will always be built on a poor base, and in turn will cause more harm than good.
     Third is the presence of probiotics and digestive enzymes that are alive and active.  Don't be fooled, just because you see them on the label, does not mean they are alive.  Any protein shake that is not undenatured, is not a live food.
     Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh, is an interesting balance between calories, grams of protein, digestable and bioavailable nutrients and mixing suggestions.  The calories should be enough to work as a meal replacement (240 to 300) at full strength and a snack (100 to 200) at half strength.  The protein and ingredients must be easily broken down, digested, and bioavailable to the system.  80 to 90% absorption rate is optimal, but almost impossible to find.  Interestingly, most companies and distributors cannot even answer this question.  The best grams of protein is between 32 to 35 grams.  The body can only metabolize 32 grams of protein at one digestion, so at a 90% absorption rate, this is almost perfect.  The recommended mixing directions should be with filtered water.  Any shake that calls for mixing with milk is just adding insult to injury, as most people will not use organic, clean milk.  So on top of using a substandard base, you are now adding growth hormone, antibiotics, and sugar to your protein.
     Eighth, is the sweetener.  A low glycemic, natural sweetener is a must.  Any artificial sweetener is absolutely out.  There are over 100 different names for artificial sweetener, so make sure to look at the label closely.  If the shake is sweet to the taste but says 0 grams of sugar, that is the first clue.  The whole list of side effects of chemical sweeteners is extensive.  Too long to talk about now.  Google it, you will be amazed and horrified.
     Ninth, is the extensive ingredient list.  Some things to look out for is corn, artificial flavorings (which many times can be MSG), high fructose corn syrup, geranium oil, partially hydrogenated oils, dyes, harmful chemical preservatives, items on the fda unsafe ingredients list, items on the anti doping agency list, (both agencies have a list posted on their websites) and artificial sweeteners are a few to watch for.
     Tenth is obviously taste.  I have found that when most people, who have an imbalanced ph level, will think that the substandard shake tastes great, and the more alkaline, better shake does not taste as good at first.  When you stick with the alkaline protein, your body will adjust as it alkalizes and the shakes will begin to taste better.  Usually that time frame can be 1 to 5 days until your body begins to crave the clean protein.  So remember the better that something very acidic tastes to you, the worse shape your system is in.  Time and time again, I have found this to be completely true.

I know that this was a long explanation. What we put in our bodies every day has a direct effect on our long term health.  85 to 90% of daily performance and health is directly affected by our nutrition or lack there of, especially for athletes.  Protein is such an important issue, I hope that this helps you make a clearer decision when choose a protein shake.  

Thank you for spending some time in my brain.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can diabetes be the most misunderstood disease?

   Here I am again today, having a very disturbing conversation with a  recently diagnosed type II diabetic. It's an extremely common, unfortunate thing, which shines a brighter light on a growing epidemic of obesity and malnutrition due to processed foods that really are not food anymore, but instead a food-like product.      
   As we talk, I hear the same things I have heard hundreds of times over.... the doctor recommends artificial sweetener instead of sugar, and they are feeling hopeless because they are told they will be on some sort of drug for the rest of their life.  Both of those things are an absolute falsehood.  The terrible thing about the recommendation of artificial sweetener, is that your body, especially your pancreas where insulin comes from, still read this as sugar.  Aspartame, equal, splenda, sweet and low, are all responsible for the fast track of going from a type II diabetic, to a type I insulin dependent person in record time.  I am not sure why doctors are not hip to this knowledge, but I even hear nutritionists make this recommendation.
   Most people who are diagnosed with this disease do not even understand why or what it is.  They only know it has to do with excess sugar in the blood.  No one ever seems be taught by their doctor what diabetes actually  is.  So I will attempt to give you the short version of what it really is.

   In the simplest of terms, diabetes occurs when your cells are too overloaded with toxicity and waste to accept the glucose that is in the blood.  The pancreas sends out insulin into the system to work with the cell to get it to open and accept the glucose, but when the cells are too full, it takes more and more insulin to get the cell door to open.  When you ingest artificial sweetener the body reacts in the same manner as if you had eaten real sugar.  The problem is, when the insulin hits the bloodstream to find the sugar, there is actually no sugar to be found, because all of these sweeteners are nothing more than chemicals.  The extra insulin in the system will begin to break down capillaries and we begin to see neuropathy and the loss of vision and digits or limbs.
   When the system is flooded with nutrients, and also with cellular cleanse, the cells are cleaned of their waste, and are then able to open freely and accept the glucose and use it efficiently, in essence, removing it from the bloodstream, and reversing the cycle of the disease.  Weight loss is a key issue in repairing your system in most situations, as well as exercise and nutrition, although without incorporating cellular cleansing, a huge piece of the healing puzzle is removed from the equation.
   So at the end of our conversation, my friend who was feeling hopeless at the beginning, now has a greater understanding of what is happening in their body and a great hope that they now have the understanding and tools to be able to begin healing.  The body is a miracle.  It can heal itself.  But we must give it everything it needs to perform at optimum levels. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cellular Cleansing vs. juice cleansing

     A good friend of mine just asked me about juice cleansing, because of this question and the conversation it started, I have decided to answer the question again on my public forum.....
Did you know that doing just a juice cleanse alone will only address water soluble toxins?
It will never address the fat soluble toxins or the metabolic waste.... which are the toxins that really affect our health and internal organs in a negative way. They are also the toxins that will stop you from losing weight the right/healthy way. Cellular detoxing with a cleanse that can address all three is the only way to truly clean your system all the way down to a cellular level. The "'Cleanse for Life" product that I have been using for over 6 years is one of the only things I know of that can do this properly.. When you cleanse all of your cells at the deepest level, you are then able to absorb nutrition in a more efficient way.
   Cleansing in this manner allows your cells to be able to absorb not only the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, but it will also aid the body in absorbing and using glucose in a more useful way, so it is not free flowing through your bloodstream with no place or ability to land in a cell where it is needed for proper cell function. When you cleanse in this manner, most toxicity will be passed through the urine as the fat soluble toxins and metabolic waste are converted to water soluble toxins.. this allows the urination process to be the filter it was intended to be. This is not a colon cleanse, even though the walls of the colon will also be cleaned, so there is no cramping, bathroom runs or feeling home bound involved.. 
   I hope this helps.. thanks for the question, I have answered it many times privately, I do understand that there is a lot of confusing information out there. It does not have to be confusing or hard, and can be much easier if you do not waste your time on something that will not address everything, as this can be frustrating and kill your motivation. It can be done, it can be easy and effective, it can help to improve your health and performance, it can reduce the numbers on the scale and measuring tape.     Here's to happy cleansing!